Friday, August 15, 2008

The small, small world of Facebook

I found out that one of my friends new the down the street neighbor, and another one of my friends' dog sitter lives kitty corner to this house...funny.
Amy Bates at 10:47am August 11
Dude, my friend Christine lives almost across the street from this house. Will it be a rental?
David Glick at 11:10am August 11
yep, it will be a rental...but a nice rental.
David Sligar at 10:15pm August 11
Your best rental investment to date. Are you going to name this one like the monopoly like the names on the board? Signed your Agent
David Glick at 10:27pm August 11
first step, get an affordable loan...I'm having trouble finding a 5/1. And the days of the I/O and Option ARMs are behind us.

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