Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mortgage done -- not really!

Today I got a note from John the mortgage broker. The subject was "FW: GLICK, DAVID". This didn't bode well...

It followed:

I lied they found one little corner of your life they haven’t poked into yet. Would you please fill out and fax back. There is something on title that they need to prove isn’t you®s .

Apparently there's a guy named David Richard Glick who has a $25k settlement against him for being a deadbeat dad. This is the same guy who the title insurance folks confused me with the last two times. The first time, it was caught at closing where they were going to take the money out of my down payment before applying it to the house. The second time, the title insurance company found it and asked me to fill out a form which included my full name and SSN. It seems like a waste of time not to do that in the first place...

So we printed the attachment, filled out my name, Jen scanned it and we emailed it back to John.

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